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Clutch Replacement

The clutch is one of the most important parts of a four wheeler as it connects the engine to the gearbox, especially in manual transmission cars. The wear and tear of the clutch depends on two things- the driving style of the driver and where it is driven. If the driver is rash and drives on bumpy roads & under heavy traffic conditions then there will be more clutch wear as opposed to a car driven by a smooth driver on a smooth road such as highways or roads with moderate traffic. Also, the change in terrain makes a difference. If the car is driven frequently on an uphill road, the clutch is prone to more wear and tear.


But, how do you know when to replace the clutch? Here are the symptoms our mechanics at Tampa, FL, suggest that will help you understand it.


  1.     Trouble in changing gears

If the gear doesn’t switch even after pressing the clutch and even if does but after making a grinding sound then something is definitely wrong with your clutch. This happens because the clutch is not releasing fully even though you are pressing the pedal.  This is a sign of clutch failure. This problem is not because of wear and tear of the clutch but because of a bent clutch fork. In mechanical clutches, this leads to a wrongly adjusted clutch cable linkage and also leakage in slave cylinders. It can be repaired by simply adjusting the mechanical linkage and change of slave cylinder.


  1.     Vibration

When you release the clutch pedal and there is excessive vibration especially at low speeds, there is a problem with the clutch. It can be due to contamination of the clutch plate with oil, grease or even water from a recent trip to a river. If the shuddering does not subside in sometime then you should be sure that the clutch is worn out.


  1.     Spillage

The most easy-to-spot sign for clutch wear and tear is clutch spillage. If you notice a drop in the pickup of the vehicle or if the engine rpm rises more than normal for a given speed, your car is suffering from clutch spillage. This spillage problem can make the vehicle’s fuel economy drop significantly.


If you come across any of these problems reach out to us at Tampa, FL. We’ll help you out with your clutch. Call us today at 813-466-0881 to schedule your appointment with a certified driveline specialist.