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A/C Not Cooling? There Could Be a Leak!

Like any machine, parts wear out over time. Road debris gets kicked up and hits your A/C equipment. Bumpy roads can shake you up, loosening connections. All these little problems (and others) can cause leaks which reduce your AC’s cooling power. When they do, it’s time for professional AC repair from the Engine and Transmission Center.


Identifying the Leak

Air conditioners are closed systems, so the coolant doesn’t evaporate; if your coolant level is down, you have a leak. Pros pump a dye into the coolant to check for leaks, but you can find a leak with a spray bottle full of a water-soap solution – heavy on the soap. Spray all over the components and watch for bubbles. If you see them, you need to drop by our Clearwater or Tampa shops.


Leak Sealers

You can buy an over-the-counter leak sealer in any auto parts store and many other places but, remember, they don’t fix leaks, they just plug them. This is a good temporary fix, but, eventually, you need to get that leak permanently fixed by the pros who will repair it if it’s repairable. If it isn’t, we can affordably rebuild or replace your AC system.

For do-it-yourselfers, please be careful with commercial AC repair kits, only a professional repair shop knows exactly what your specific vehicle needs.


Do It Right

A generation ago, we had “Two-40 AC”, meaning we opened those two tiny wing windows on the front doors and drove over 40 miles per hour. Those weren’t the “good old days”, these days are. We drive in comfort even on the muggiest Florida days. When a car’s been parked in the sun, we cool it in moments. Whether you want tropical breeze or arctic blizzard, your car’s air conditioner delivers total climate control when it’s fully-functional. When it isn’t, don’t suffer, get it fixed.

By the way, if you come in with a leak, we’ll check everything else out, as well: O-rings, seals and hoses; compressors; evaporators and condensers; dryers, receivers and accumulators; switches, controls, modules and relays; blower motors and resistors. We’ll make sure the whole AC system is in top shape.

Remember, your dashboard doesn’t have a Check AC light, so you need to take the initiative. Check your AC at least every other year and, of course, immediately if you suspect there’s a problem. Quality, affordable AC repair work is what your friends do at the Engine & Transmission Center in Clearwater, Florida, or Tampa, Florida. Stop on by and let us take a look.

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