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The Older Car’s AC Needs a Different Touch

Even a vintage auto air conditioner can provide great comfort in the Florida heat, if you service it right, but, eventually, you may have to replace it to meet changing regulations. At Engine and Transmission Center of Tampa and Clearwater, we’ll keep your old-school AC running as long as we can – then we’ll make you a deal on a replacement.


Keeping “Grandad” Happy

AC repair is unavoidable; vintage units need regular visual inspections of all the parts and regular performance tests. Freon or R-12, used before 1994, has been outlawed and many states are now requiring that the replacement, R-134a, be replaced. Florida isn’t yet among those states, but we’re keeping our eyes on that.

A comprehensive restoration – including replacement of refrigerant and all worn parts – will keep your collector car air conditioning systems at optimal performance. Our certified AC technicians can replace the Freon and make sure every part is up to the task of keeping you cool. When parts are worn out, we’ll replace them with aftermarket reproductions identical to the vintage parts of your vintage auto.


Retro Car, Retro Fit

Some old cruisers didn’t come from the factory with air conditioning. We can fix that. If your classic car offered factory air-conditioning as an option, it has space we can fill. If not, we can probably make space. Aftermarket air conditioning repair kits make the installation look like it was always there, and it’ll make you look like you don’t care how hot summer gets. By the way, like adding a porch or extra bathroom increases the value of your home, adding AC to your classic car may very well increase its value, should you ever sell.

If you already have AC, a retrofit kit could be an inexpensive way to rebuild your old unit. Everything we need is in the kit, so we don’t have to scrounge around junkyards for parts or dig through supplier catalog after supplier catalog. Let’s face it, sometimes, it is better to just do a complete overhaul. You may have a lot of wear left in those vintage pieces, but you may replace some parts now only to find something else failing in a few months. Why take chances?


Give yourself the satisfaction of knowing that the AC repair you got from Engine & Transmission Center will take the edge off that famous Florida sunshine for years to come. Drop in to our Tampa and Clearwater locations or call us and we’ll set you up for a complete examination appointment.

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