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Knowing the Difference Between a Remanufactured and a Rebuilt Transmission

When your vehicle gets to the point where you need a new transmission, you probably don’t really need a new transmission. Buying new is an option, but it’s the priciest option and you have transmission repair alternatives.



To rebuild a tranny, a mechanic determines which parts are worn or damaged and replaces them — but only the faulty or worn components — the rest of it remains untouched. Rebuild warranties generally run anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

In some case, this is a great plan, because you have one small problem to solve on a fairly new vehicle, such as a transmission casing cracked by a rock. You fix that problem and the transmission goes on faithfully for whatever service life it has left.



To remanufacture a tranny, the mechanic completely disassembles it, inspects each individual part and repairs them to the original manufacturer’s specifications. The tranny is then completely reassembled. Remanufacture warranties generally run anywhere from one year to “the life of the vehicle”.

If, unlike the previous example, the damage results from general transmission wear and tear on an old vehicle, solving one problem now may mean nothing. You have to fix all the problems or, it might be said, you haven’t fixed any of them — another problem may arise that forces you to replace the whole transmission and the money spent on previous repairs was wasted.


Making a Choice

The rebuild is less expensive and quicker. The remanufacture gets you equipment almost as good as new.

For any vehicle, it becomes what the accountants call a cost-benefit analysis: How old is your vehicle? How long do you intend to keep it? What other maintenance will it need? If it’s a commercial vehicle, how much profit are you making and how long will it take for continued profit to cover the costs of the rebuild or remanufacture? If it’s a private vehicle, is it just a car you know you’ll replace every few years or a classic you plan to hold on to forever? The numbers will show you the best choice for your specific situation.


Sometimes, There is Only One Choice

Regardless of your decision — rebuild or remanufacture — there should be no debate on your choice of mechanics. The Engine and Transmission Center is staffed by fully-certified transmission experts. Our technicians are the best in the business, they know when to rebuild and when to remanufacture. You’ll get nothing less than the highest-quality transmission repairs at Engine and Transmission Center and we offer free local towing to our Clearwater or Tampa, Florida, locations.

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