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Everything You Need to Know About High-Performance Transmissions

Why do you have a high-performance transmission? To go with your high-performance racing or street car, of course. You don’t really need to go 200 miles per hour down Main Street – you’re a sensible adult, you roar down the asphalt where it’s appropriate – but isn’t it cool to know that you could do it, if you needed to? It’s totally cool!


Protect Your Investment, Get a Return

If you’re the typical high-performance vehicle owner, you’ve made a hefty investment – emotional and financial. Whether your car is factory-new or a revitalized classic, you need to protect that investment the way you protect your house or your IRA. You’d only hire a license contractor to renovate your house or a licensed broker to buy & sell stocks, so you’d never think of handing over your vehicle to just anybody.

Our team is 100-percent certified experts who complete all transmission repairs to exact manufacturer specs. Partner with our Clearwater, Florida, or Tampa, Florida, shops and your vehicle will perform at its peak for many years, down many roads.

And that is the return you want on this investment: You want to look good behind the wheel. You want to feel the rush of an engineering masterpiece. You want to get away from your daily grind and enjoy days off with friends and neighbors who share your passion.

Unless, of course, you’re racing. In that case, you want to win – you want to make those jokers in their little clown cars eat your dust! So do we.


Full Service Done Right

Your dashboard doesn’t have a Check the Tranny light, so you need to take the initiative. Have your high-performance transmission serviced at least once every year by your friends at the Engine & Transmission Center and, of course, come on down immediately if you suspect there’s a problem.

Call us today and get a slot for your performance vehicle check-up. Our specialized technicians will run a full diagnostic, absolutely free, including a test drive. You then get a detailed estimate, so you’ll know exactly what work we’ll do and what it’ll cost before we begin.


By the way, should the worst happen, we have a tow truck. We can pick you up anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. An Uber or Lyft shuttle to work or home is included in any repair and, for a small fee, we’ll even deliver your car to you when we’re done. When you need help, we have it all covered.

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