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The Older Car’s AC Needs a Different Touch

Even a vintage auto air conditioner can provide great comfort in the Florida heat, if you service it right, but, eventually, you may have to replace it to meet changing regulations. At Engine and Transmission Center of Tampa and Clearwater, we’ll keep your old-school AC running as long as we can – then we’ll make […] Read More

A/C Not Cooling? There Could Be a Leak!

Like any machine, parts wear out over time. Road debris gets kicked up and hits your A/C equipment. Bumpy roads can shake you up, loosening connections. All these little problems (and others) can cause leaks which reduce your AC’s cooling power. When they do, it’s time for professional AC repair from the Engine and Transmission […] Read More

Feeling Toasty? You May Need Your AC Repaired

We love Tampa, it’s a great place to live, but “The Big Guava” averages above 90 degrees from May through November. With the humidity over 70 percent all year long, there’s a lot of meteorological commentary that’s not fit for polite company! When you need to spend time in that rolling steel box every day, […] Read More

Signs that You Need to Fix Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

Modern auto air conditioning systems are not usually something the do-it-yourself mechanic wants to tackle and having your AC go out suddenly can thoroughly ruin your day. Fortunately, most of the symptoms that an AC repair is in your immediate future are easy to identify. If you see any of them, it’s time to get […] Read More